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Central Source - HiQ Partnership


HiQCentral Source and HiQ Computers have created a unique partnership that provides one of a kind integrated services to their clients. By combining Central Source's focus on providing unparalleled operations support and HiQ's expertise in high level engineering, we are able to provide integrated IT services that best meet our clients' needs at very cost efficient pricing models.

In a search for an IT partner that would match Central Source's commitment to delivering the best possible service to our clients HiQ stood out in this arena. HiQ was founded in 1986 in the Silicone Valley and opened the Boston office in 1994. To this day their founding principal is still evident in every client relationship;

HiQ founding principle: You deserve the best
HiQ Computers was founded in 1986 based on the idea that technology users deserve the highest quality products available combined with top-notch service and support. As a leading provider of customized technology solutions, we've never lost sight of our founding principles.

HiQ serves many schools including: Advanced Math & Science Charter School, Conservatory Lab Charter School, Boston Renaissance Charter School, Boston Public Schools, Cambridge Public Schools, Everett Public Schools, Revere Public Schools, Wayland Public Schools, Haverhill Public Schools, Tri-Town School Union (Boxford, Middleton, Topsfield), Hanover Public Schools, Perkins School for the blind, and Southbridge Public Schools.

HiQ is Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

We are very excited about the Central Source / HiQ partnership and the level of integrated service this enables us to provide our clients.